OK, the ChevyBaker is advancing to Daily Driver status. Until this point it has really been Garage Art but we are making headway.

So now that the engine is in the right position and the car should not burn down with faulty wiring it was time to address the horrible brakes. We popped off the wheels and hubs to find the pads and shoes in pretty good condition.

Three of the 4 wheel cylinders however needed attention so we checked the books and bought all 4.


We installed the new cylinders and repacked (I say repacked but we believe the previous owner did a poor job of it) the bearings.


Then, of course, we started to bleed the brakes. And, OF COURSE, we had an issue with the left rear. No fluid - nothing - pump pump hold - nothing. We disconnected the line and nothing. We then started towards the tee and saw that the break line was crushed completely flat. There was NO WAY this wheel ever saw break fluid, EVER. After a few calls we found a brake shop that was able to make me a "custom" 3/16" hard line.


You can see on the right (second bend) were, what we are guessing was a tow truck, must have done the damage. Probably when the previous owner (yes, that guy) drug it out of the field.