Next stupid project

While I normally reference "we" when referring to the work done I have to use first person in this post because my son did not care at all about this one.

"I" both love and hate the 1950 hood emblem while my son is more "meh". Yeah its great but I could never clean it properly and it just did not look right. I ordered a new one (more on this below) and went about the process of removing the old version. Of course - the previous owner attached it with what I am guessing was two part epoxy. As I knew I had a replacement in hand I was less than gentle.


I was able to somewhat salvage the part you can see though. I then proceeded to attach the new badge with a pair of "jam nuts" and lock tight just to be sure it would stay.


OK, I hear you. "That's from a 51" and yes it is. In my defense there is a V8 in there and we are SOOOOO far from original I think I could justify anything at this point. So at this point I have a way cool emblem (I mean just look at it) and half of the old one. What to do - what to do. I then realized I had a completely separate issue on the dash. The previous owner (I'm starting to feel I blame this guy for everything) drilled a couple holes so he could have a manual pull switch and an indicator light for the electric radiator fan. (now rewired with a thermostat relay)


We have considered (an maybe still are) adding a second power port (read as cigar lighter) here just to do something. It was then I had a thought (quite rare) and started polishing the original 50' emblem (read as mad at my thought for days). With some two part epoxy (I'm such a hypocrite) and two thin rare earth magnets - voila! The holes are gone??


While the astute may realize that the holes are actually still there - I used two magnets so good luck seeing it. (no I mean it - its really hard to remove)