As mentioned we found the Chevybaker (name explained below) on Craigs list and the ad read as follows:

1948 Studebaker Commander with a 327 Chevy engine that is bored +.030. The engine has all new bearings, timing gears & chain, Piston rings, Professional valve job, the heads have sodium cooled valves,new water pump, fuel pump, chrome valve covers, timing cover, water pump pulley, chrankshaft pulley, rebuilt alternator, new battery. There is a brand new aluminum radiator, electric radiator fan, new steel fuel tank, all new tires. The paint is plasma purple. Also just completely rebuilt turbo 350 transmission. I have more money in it than I am asking for it. I need to get rid of it because I need the space. The pictures will show the interior, with rebuilt door panels and seat covers.

With some emails and phone calls we found the seller was a great guy named Warren who was a former drag racer and likes to "fix up" cars.  He pulled this car from a field and set to work.



We discussed some items of interest due to their availability.  Items such as brakes and the model year.  Doing some basic research (Google Fu) we realize that this is a '50 and not a '48.  Feeling confident we arranged to view the car and arranged for a U-haul trailer in case we liked it.  Along with the car were various bits of paperwork and a few photos of his work thus far (which included the above):





The name - as you can see in the ad above there is a Chevy Small Block 327 engine.  Hence the name "Chevybaker"....


 And because everyone wants the before and after (read as current) here is the current state of the ChevyBaker.