Federal Reserve Note - Series 1988

 U.S. Treasurer: Villalpando  Order Added to Collection: 110
 Secretary of the Treasury: Brady  Front Plate: C358
 Terms of Office: 11/89-1/93  Back Plate: - (due to the error)
 Delivery Date Start: ???  Serial Number: F35692710D
 Delivery Date End: ???
 Notes: Missing 1st Print
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USN 1928 Front


USN 1928 Back

 There are three distinct causes for a missing printing error. Most commonly, two uncut sheets of currency stock enter the printing press simultaneously with one atop the other. The uppermost sheet accepts the imprint normally while the lower sheet-because it is protected by the top layer-passes through blank. Less frequently, an entire stack of sheets is advanced to subsequent printing and/or cutting operations after skipping a printing stage.

Bart, Dr. Frederick J.. United States Paper Money Errors: A Comprehensive Catalog and Price Guide

 Title  Name  Service Dates  Autograph
 Treasurer  Catalina Vasquez Villalpando  11/20/1989 - 1/20/1993 tate
 Secretary  Nicholas Frederick Brady  9/15/1988 - 1/17/1993 mellon