We were tempted to post this as a "Stupid Project" but its really not, and also NOT original specs.

If appears that in the 50's people did not need a center console.  Its like they did not have drinks in the car or need a place for thier phones!?  That did not stop the previous owner (you knew I had to bring this guy up...) from installing a rather cool Camaro Horseshoe Shifter though:

Now he did not care much for aesthetics (cool in a mechanical way) but it shifted and thats what mattered.

We did a lot of CAD work (Cardboard Assisted Design) before we cut our first piece of wood.

And slowly but surely we advanced the design using 3/4" plywood left over from other projects:


Things added:

  • 3" Bluetooth speakers (mounted up high on the sides) and powered from a console switch. This allows us to connect and use our phones for "radio", navigation, and so on.
    • Just to show MY age, we tested these via Van Halen.
  • Front and Back dash cameras powered from console switch.
  • Map light rewired to console switch (original does not work and had a small switch running the light)
  • Safety/Neutral Reverse switch added to the shifter. We had the light but it was not wired in because there was no reverse switch on the Camaro shifter.
  • Small "cubby hole" for stuff and things.


And, of course, Cup Holders

The cup holders are actually a cut down kit that is meant to slide between a center console and a bucket seat.  We simply trimmed the bottom edge to follow the contour of the transmission tunnel.