For reference:
TPO = The Previous Owner

When we had the engine remounted we understood this meant the old exhaust would need to be replaced as well.  This was actually a blessing as TPO appears to have installed the system and did a rather "iffy" job.  While we are not Exhaust Engineers we do believe the lowest point of the car should not be the exhaust.  Here is a photo taken with the engine/transmission removed.


 The piece in the foreground is the transmissioncross member (custom due to the AT 350 used) and the exhaust going BELOW it.  There were times when we exited parking lots, crossed speed bumps, traversed pot holes, where we scrapped these while we gritted our teeth.  Also, as mentioned in the first exhaust modification post there were no mufflers - to our neighbors joy.  Once the engine/transmission were reinstalled the new exhaust was fabricated In Situ.



Now its tucked up nice and neat.  Over the transmission cross member to new mufflers, then over the rear axle and exiting the rear inline with the bumper guards.

Update: Well over a year later we were looking underneath the car, as autophiles tends to do, and noticed soemthing odd.  It seems that in order to keep the transmission selector cable away from the drivers side exhaust the shop used a rather thick zip tie.  While it was sturdy it was still plastic and would fail over time.  This was immediately removed and replaced with a couple hose clamps.  We needed two in order to clamp onto the sway bar mount and turn the 2nd clamp 90°.

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