OR,Shiny Bits part 2

When we purshased the Chevybaker most of the trim was painted grey which included the headlight bezels.  We recognized this was cosmetic and actually worked around it.  Case in point - the push bar bumpers.


We even tried leaving them as is when working on other trim pieces but that did not work out very well either.


We then tried once again to incorporate the bezels into the rest of the front but this was just horrible.


So once again, its like the 3rd time, we removed the bezels and then removed the paint. While it is not perfect we purchased touch up paint from TouchUpDirect.com.  The paint is color coded to your selected make and model.  In our case this is Mitsubishi Mirage Plasma Purple or simply V08.  We applied the primer and let it sit for 7 days then using 2000 grit sand paper sanded it down until smooth. 


Then came the color coat which sat for another 7 days, followed by the clear coat.


Again, not perfect but it will do for now!
Once this was completed however we kept looking at it.  You know, you keep looking and then start thinking and then its all downhill from there.  Yes it is stock and yes we could just walk away with "job complete".  Then we went to a car show and saw VW's with the coolest LED headlights. Of course we wanted this.  It speaks to our inner 14 year old.

And what do you know, they are 7" round sealed beam units, sound familar?
In fear of doing something that can not be undone we purchased a replacement set of "Base, sealed beam unit mounting", AKA part number 285969, from one of our great Studebaker vendors,  The idea is that the LED replacements may not conform to the mounting units (Buckets) profile and we will need to cut the back of the buckets.  Conveniently there is a bit of room between the bucket and "Body, head lamp" (part number 289788) but we felt it was cheap insurance.



Long story short, there is the Before.
3 sans

and After
IMG 7232

Last thing to do is the wiring for the daylight driving light.  We are NOT tying in the turn signals because of the amber spear lights.