OR,Shiny Bits part 2

When we purshased the Chevybaker most of the trim was painted grey which included the headlight bezels.  We recognized this was cosmetic and actually worked around it.  Case in point - the push bar bumpers.

We tried leaving them as is when working on other trim pieces but that did not work out very wellr.
We then tried once again to incorporate the bezels into the rest of the front but this was just horrible.

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So once again, its like the 3rd time, we removed the bezels and then removed the paint. While it is not perfect we purchased touch up paint from TouchUpDirect.com.  The paint is color coded to your selected make and model.  In our case this is Mitsubishi Mirage Plasma Purple or simply V08.  We applied the primer and let it sit for 7 days then using 2000 grit sand paper sanded it down until smooth. 


Then came the color coat which sat for another 7 days, followed by the clear coat.


Again, not perfect but it will do for now!
Once this was completed however we kept looking at it.  You know, you keep looking and then start thinking and then its all downhill from there.  Yes it is stock and yes we could just walk away with "job complete".  Then we went to a car show and saw VW's with the coolest LED headlights. Of course we wanted this.  It speaks to our inner 14 year old.

And what do you know, they are 7" round sealed beam units, sound familar?
In fear of doing something that can not be undone we purchased a replacement set of "Base, sealed beam unit mounting", AKA part number 285969, from one of our great Studebaker vendors,  The idea is that the LED replacements may not conform to the mounting units (Buckets) profile and we will need to cut the back of the buckets.  Conveniently there is a bit of room between the bucket and "Body, head lamp" (part number 289788) but we felt it was cheap insurance. 



Here is the Before, After, and After Dark. :)
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 The last thing to do is the wiring for the daylight driving light.  We are NOT tying in the turn signals because of the amber spear lights.

Sidenote: it was a good thing the replacement buckets where cheap because to our amazement the new LED headlight simple "fit like a glove".  The just slotted right into the bucket as if they were custom fit.  In a way they are custom fit as it appears headlights have been standarized since 1949...

The headlights were sourced on Amazon and included all of the wiring and control module.  This of course needed to have power sent to the module and we considered adding this to the Radio Mod setup but in the end desided to reporpous the "fighter pilot" switch from the original Glove Box Light project. (now part of the radio presets)

Update: (in progress)
Not listed above are are the chrome bezels we purchased over a year before we painted the original pair.  This is because when we tried to mount them the tab at the top did not slot into the headlight "bracket". (we don't know what to exactly call it.  We thought about making new brackets with a 3D printer but in the end decided to make new tabs.
IMG 7815
The top half is held in with 4 screws and appears to ONLY be there for the slot at the top.  This COULD be recreated in plastic but may have been too weak.

We removed the tabs from the chrome bezels and began the process of making new tabs.  You can see the difference between the tab from the painted bezels, which do fit, and the reach of the removed tab.
IMG 7810

Yes this is JB Weld and while the previous owner (had to mention him) used this everywhere - this seemed to be a good use.

IMG 7813


FINALLY, removing the original bezels for the 4th time, we where able to mount the chrome bezels.  While they are not perfect, not much of the ChevyBaker is, so in this respect they work great.
And as above, here is the chrome version of the Before, After, and After Dark.
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As always, thank you for your time in reading this long drawn out story.