Stupid spare parts project...

Roughly 4 1/2 years ago (at the time of this writing) we built the glovebox from scratch. "Why would you do that?" you ask. Long story short we touched it and it just gave up and fell into the passenger floor board. We know - it was old and maybe the screw driver we put in there was just too much.

I remember part of the build was a conversation what when like this:
Me: "Should be put in a light?"
My son: "What are you a wimp?"

As such there was no light this entire time. So I just happen to be in the garage cleaning up the workbench and noticed a universal trunk light that we did not use on the trunk project. Looking in the electrical parts box I found a switch that was relocated in the center console project,  a silly little "fighter pilot" switch cover (prior to center console), wire (from the original engine compartment rewiring) and a box of connectors. Hmmm

Here is the design: (note the little "bracket" that holds onto the glovebox wall)

Light Off:

Light On:


While it does not turn on automatically (but it could by replacing the switch) it was free and I think my grandfather would have been proud!


During the Radio Mod project we found the glovebox light a little lacking.  It worked, it was OK, but it was not WOW!  So we ordered another LED light that was used in the Trunk Light project.

 Hover to see Off and On


The switches shown on the left are the Radio Mod bypass switches.  Up sends power to the device, center is off, down sends power to the radio switches.