Camera Track

Once most of the items needed were purchased it was time to make the camera "track".  Unbolting the padded rail from the play surface allowed us to place the play surface on a new piece of plywood.   We also transferred the holes used to bolt the play surface to the padded rail. (important later) Once the oval was traced we drew the inner oval and cut out the 3 inch wide track. (image shows the support blocks being installed)


We determined that each camera needed a mounting block, that a block would be needed between each camera, the spot between seats 1 and 9 needed horizontal blocks to mount the cable keystone plate, and that camera 9 needed an additional block on its left side to keep the cables mass of cables away. Important to note - the plywood is 0.344 inch thick.  This was important because we decided to make the camera track a total of 2.5 inches tall so we cut each mounting block 2.156 tall. (important later) You will also see that each block has a slot cut into the top for the wiring harnesses (more later)  and that we predrilled the mounting holes in the camera blocks.The slots were alternated (front and rear) with the rear slots on the camera blocks.  This ensured the wiring was behind the camera.  Each block was glued and screwed from the bottom.


We then realized that IF the camera track covering has any gaps the players would see the wood blocks which may ruin the look.  Because the covering (0.06 inch plastic) is black we painted the entire camera track black.  The plastic was purchased in 8 foot strips that were cut 2.5 inch wide. We should also note that the plastic is textured on one side. This is great because it removed any chance of a reflection from the cards. Remember the track and mounting blocks combined are 2.5 inch tall (important later). (picture shows the inner covering being installed but without camera holes)


Once the inner covering was mounted we needed to cut the holes for the hole cameras to peek thru.  By creating a jig from a spare mounting block (ya we cut way to many) we were able to use a new paddle bit, sized for the camera lens housing, to cut each hole.  In the following image you can also see the camera block is predrilled for the camera mounting bracket.